Kerem Bursin plans to film in Spain

Kerem Bursin plans to film in Spain

With several projects in sight, Turkish actor Kerem Bursin could be closer than ever to start filming a project in Spain, one of the great desires of the famous star of the series Love is in the air. 

After the incredible success obtained in Spain by the series Love is in the air, in which Bursin gives life to Serkan Bolat, his Spanish fans are waiting to see again a project of the actor. But, this time, it might not be in a story set in Turkey or anywhere else in the world, but in Spain. 

Bursin, besides being an actor, works as a producer in his own company called Braveborn Films, which he has created together with his partner and friend Kemal Çömelek, also a producer. This has made that the actor besides starring in films or series also develops them, and this would be the key element for Bursin to develop a future project in Spain.

The actor has acquired the rights to a novel whose plot takes place between Spain and Turkey. Although during the interview he does not reveal the name of the novel, he reveals some of the details of the plot of its pages: 

In the middle of the main plot there is an incredible love story that drove me crazy, because it is also a true story. I can't say more, but I hope that in the future it will become real and this will be the definitive collaboration between Spain and Turkey.

The actor was at the Málága Film Festival in March and admitted that he is looking forward to filming in Spain: "What little I have seen of Spain I love, especially its people. I think it could be the perfect place to create something here". At the moment, it is not confirmed that this project will be developed in the near future, but without a doubt, this project would be the perfect opportunity to unite both countries in a common project. 

Bursin is immersed in new projects, right now he has just finished producing and filming a ten-minute short film by a first-time director. The philosophy he and his partner have in their company is to support young talent who want to tell interesting stories: "I want to give young directors, female directors, actors and actresses the opportunity to be able to do what they really want to do and what they believe in. Now they are only looking to produce and make money, but our project is more passionate and we want to take risks." Something that Bursin also bets for, and that she considers "very important", is a greater presence of women in the audiovisual industry:

I would like there to be more women in film projects, both in front of and behind the cameras.

After making Love is in the air, Bursin is clear about one thing: "I want my resume to be like a wide range of colors at the end of the day. When I'm asked 'what are you going to do next' I like to say Bruce Lee's famous phrase 'Be water', that doesn't mean you have to do whatever they offer you but I want to do any kind of genre and one project has nothing to do with the next." 

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