Kerem Bürsin talks about Stephanie Cayo: `Not all the stories that come out are true'

Kerem Bürsin talks about Stephanie Cayo: `Not all the stories that come out are true'

After days of silence, Kerem Bürsin wanted to speak out on the Gossip that lately grips the private sphere of his life. After the farewell to Hande Erçel, the actor has been approached to several women, including the Peruvian singer and actress Stephanie Cayo. In this regard, Būrsin invited everyone not to always believe what they read in magazines, pointing out that in a historical moment like the current one it becomes even more superficial to worry about gossip.

Stephanie Cayo on Kerem Bürsin: 'We're in a phase of getting to know each other'

Kerem Bürsin's life continues to be the center of attention. In fact, lately, he was reportedly rumored to have a romance with Peruvian actress and singer Stephanie Cayo. There was talk of a romance born in a short time and the fact that the two often met secretly in Spain.

A Turkish magazine had even published a photo of the two of them together during a recent meeting, but Birsen Altuntaş had denied the romance, saying that Kerem Bürsin doesn't like to start a relationship as soon as he ends another one (the actor broke up with Hande Erçel in early 2022, ed.). After some time, however, even those directly involved have had their say on this gossip.

Stephanie Cayo, in an interview with a television station, said, " With Kerem Bürsin we are in a phase of knowledge, it is a very private matter, that's why I prefer not to talk about it."

Kerem Bürsin: 'It feels silly to talk about my love life

Kerem Bürsin also wanted to have his say on the news regarding the alleged love with Stephanie Cayo: "We have to change our mindset a little bit, every love story that comes out is not always true. People meet, become friends and that friendship might even turn into love in the future, but it's wrong to immediately say about a person that he ' fell in love."

The actor continued the talk by referring mostly to his current situation, "It seems silly to me to talk about my love life when so many negative things are happening in the world. It doesn't interest me."

Bürsin in Malaga guest of Antonio Banderas

Kerem Bürsin has been traveling to Spain frequently lately for work projects. His professional career, in the Iberian country, is followed by Roar Management Agency, which is headed by his uncle Oğuz Birced.

There had also been talked of an invitation that Antonio Banderas had made to Kerem Bürsin for a party and so it was. In fact, the actor was a guest of Banderas in Malaga during Holy Week, so he had the opportunity to learn about the ancient traditions that lived in the Spanish city during the Easter period.

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