Kerem Bürsin visits Madrid and rumors of a possible project in Spain are spreading.

Kerem Bürsin visits Madrid and rumors of a possible project in Spain are spreading.

The image shared a few hours ago by singer Natalia Rodriguez with Kerem Bürsin in Madrid has caused a real stir among his fans. The Turkish actor, who has become one of the most acclaimed and followed faces on the small screen, has returned to Spain to the surprise of his thousands of followers. With a more than suspicious discretion, Bürsin has returned to Spain without prior notice and trying to go unnoticed. With no updates on his Instagram feed since he met his idol Antonio Banderas, the man of the moment seems to be up to something that he could not yet reveal. What we can say is that Bürsin's visits to Spain are becoming more and more frequent. Will we see Bürsin filming between our borders very soon? 

Natalia Rodriguez is photographed with Kerem Bürsin

One simple picture has opened Pandora's box and it is that the presence of Kerem Bürsin in Spain is impossible to be overlooked. The image that the 'OT 1' singer has published early in the morning with the Turkish actor has generated an uproar through social networks. A casual encounter between the two in the capital of Madrid has set off all the alarms among her community of fans. Natalia, who also considers herself a passionate fan of Turkish series, did not want to miss the opportunity to take a picture with Bürsin and post it on her social networks. "As much as I love Turkish series, I go and meet the main character," she wrote next to the image.

Will he have any project in hand in Spain?

The visits of the Turkish actor to Spain are becoming more and more frequent. If just a few weeks ago he was one of the most expected faces at the Malaga Film Festival, now he has returned to Spain in absolute silence that has aroused even more the curiosity of his legion of fans. So far Bürsin has not wanted to make known his presence in Spain, being inactive in social networks. An apparent discretion that has raised rumors at the same time that has opened a hopeful halo in connection with the management of projects within Spain.

Will his visit have something to do with the pending meetings that he announced with Antonio Banderas? Hopefully, we will see him very soon filming in Spain, we are looking forward to it as he hinted in his interview with Divinity, where he announced that he had the rights to a book whose story was set in Spain.

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