Kerem Bürsin would be single: Birsen Altuntaş denies flirtation with actress Cayo

Kerem Bürsin would be single: Birsen Altuntaş denies flirtation with actress Cayo

Kerem Bürsin would still be single: with this statement, Birsen Altuntaş denies the news that would have the protagonist of Sen Çal Kapımı at the side of Peruvian actress Stephanie Cayo. Apparently, the actor met her in Spain during one of the many job interviews he has been going through in the last period of his life and there is no spark between them.

Kerem Bürsin and Stephanie Cayo would not be a couple

Apparently, Kerem Bürsin would not have any relationship with Stephanie Cayo, at least that is what Birsen Altuntaş, the journalist of Tv100 and expert of TV series and entertainment, stated.

An indiscretion by Posta magazine, in fact, revealed that Kerem would have met Stephanie during a fashion show in October and that they would have recently started dating. Apparently, however, things would have gone in the opposite way.

First of all, there would have been no betrayal to the detriment of Hande Erçel as misinterpreted by some sites (especially Italian) and in addition between the actor and Stephanie Cayo there would be only an acquaintance for professional purposes.

Kerem Bürsin would not like to start a new relationship after ending another one

Kerem Bürsin's career is gaining momentum in Spain: in 2021, the actor joined the Spanish entertainment agency "Roar Management Agency", headed by Oğuz Birced, his mother's cousin (the agency is said to have been created specifically to manage Kerem's professional affairs in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America, ed).

Recently, the actor went to Spain for several job interviews and in one of them, three weeks ago, he met Stephanie Cayo, but no relationship would have been born between them.

For this reason, it would not even be true that the two met last October during a fashion show. As Birsen Altuntaş states, it is also known in the environment that Kerem does not particularly like to start a new relationship when another one ends.

Kerem Bürsin and a possible future meeting with Antonio Banderas

According to some rumors, Kerem Bürsin has received many offers for television projects in Spain. Apparently the actor's desire, however, would be to participate in a production aimed at a digital platform.

Kerem also recently posted a photo with Antonio Banderas, taken in the theater when he was a guest at the staging of the musical Company, in which Banderas stars. It would appear that the latter has invited Kerem to a private party and the two may meet very soon.

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