Let's go hang out with Can Yaman: his new favorite spots

Let's go hang out with Can Yaman: his new favorite spots

Rumor has it (always malicious, always twisted, never positive) that Diletta Leotta was the one who left Can Yaman because he was partying too much and didn't like his habits. We will probably never learn this unless we become friends with the presenter (set a new target: check). It is true that the Turkish actor likes to go out for dinner and drinks, he likes to drink his whiskies and smoke his cigars (we would have to agree with Diletta, we will not deny it). But from there that he has a problem as the Italian media insinuated, absolutely not.

And as proof, we have the last night trip of Can Yaman, in which we will tell you everything he did. Keep a good note of the route because, if you plan to go to Rome, you can step on all the bars, clubs and pubs where he has been. And if you have been singing bars, clubs, and discotheques to the rhythm of Los Suaves, you are older than fire, we warn you. He has been in the capital of Italy for more than a year, so we already tell you that the places he has visited are not few. For the moment, we're going to stick with the last two, which seem to have been a big hit.

As always, the evidence in networks. The first one is a Mexican restaurant called Carmen. We don't want to get our hopes up, but maybe it was his choice to practice some Spanish, which he was learning as far as we know. Well, the usual there: tacos, nachos, tequilita... and for dessert, churros. Yes, yes, churros with lots of sugar that can be dipped in cream or chocolate. And apart from the fact that our mouths are watering, the aesthetics of the place could not be more relaxed. We want to go now.

However, no night out in Can Yaman without a place to have a few drinks. The chosen one was the Cash Dinerclub, a place where you can have dinner or a few drinks while enjoying a show. Of course, in both places, there were photos with the owners and with spontaneous people. And they say he is "humble, polite and very nice". Well, I don't know, considering that he lets himself be seen without any problem and that he takes pictures with everyone who asks him, I would already be getting my tickets to Rome.

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