Sharing of the good weather from Demet Özdemir

Sharing of the good weather from Demet Özdemir

Singer Oğuzhan Koç proposed to Demet Özdemir on February 14. Özdemir said "yes" to Koç's proposal with the song "Far from the World" in the organization accompanied by the group Sakiler with their songs.

The famous couple, whose happy union continues, has been reflected in Beyoğlu's lenses in recent weeks and journalists have said, " Do you have a clear date for your wedding? There have been claims that 'it will be in Çeşme', is it true?" had answered the question. Koç denied the news, giving the answer "It is not clear yet".

Özdemir, who spoke next, said, "I am starting a new TV series project. Oğuzhan already has an album, it is also being prepared. That's why we haven't made a clearer decision."

When asked about the ring that Oğuzhan Koç bought for her Valentine's Day proposal, the 30-year-old beauty said, "Look, I'm hiding it, you can't see it. Good night, friends" and entered the vehicle that was waiting for them.

The singer has opened the mouth of the purse for the proposal, which marked the agenda of the magazine, and the details of the ring he bought were revealed. According to the news of the program 'Page2', Oğuzhan Koç paid 1 million 200,000 TL for a specially designed four-carat solitaire ring that was in her hand while he was kneeling.

Demet Özdemir, who has made a name for himself through her social media shares as well as her wedding news, recently posted her new poses one after another from her Instagram account, which has 14.9 million followers.

Actively using social media, the actress wrote the message "Good weather" across the grass and on the frames pulled from the mirror.

Özdemir, who got all the marks from her followers with her style, commented, "When the weather is good, you have a different weather", "The beautiful ones" and "Mirror mirror, tell me, is there anyone more beautiful than me in this world? No, of course not". Oğuzhan Koç couldn't stay indifferent to his fiancée's photos and commented on Özdemir with heart emojis.

This message from the beautiful actress managed to become the social media agenda by getting 238,000 likes and almost 3,000 comments in a short time.

On the other hand, Demet Özdemir celebrated her 30th birthday with her lover and friends in the past few weeks.

Those who saw Demet Özdemir's plunging back neckline, which was thought to prefer a plain dress at first sight, could not take their eyes off it. It was revealed that the price of the dress with bow preferred by the actress was 45,600 TL and the silver thick heels were worth 5,600 TL.

The famous name's favorite accessories also attracted as much attention as her outfit. Preferring simple accessories, Özdemir's earrings turned out to be 19,700 TL and his bracelet 42,300 TL.

The price of the player's total outfit was about 113 200 TL.

Özdemir, when asked about the second film of "Aşk Tatikleri" in recent days, said, "I won't say anything because we don't have a final signature or anything. I read something like this on Instagram, I know what people want, but I do not want to say something does not clear. I don't want to put it in a difficult situation," she replied.

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