Stephanie Cayo, regarding rumors linking her to Kerem Bürsin: My eyes always shine .

Stephanie Cayo, regarding rumors linking her to Kerem Bürsin: My eyes always shine .

Just a week ago, actress Stephanie Cayo confirmed her breakup with Maxi Iglesias. The relationship had come to an end just a few months after both confirmed it and in the midst of rumors linking the Peruvian with Turkish actor Kerem Bürsin. 

During the last few weeks, the comings and goings of the star of 'Love is in the air to Spain, who has been seen here on several occasions (the last one during Holy Week, where he was seen with Antonio Banderas enjoying the Holy Thursday procession in Malaga) and the confirmation of the separation of the actress caused the rumors to shoot up last week and even in Turkey have echoed this possible relationship.

But what is really going on between them? Taking advantage of her presence at the Bridal Fashion Week in Barcelona to parade for the designer Rosa Clará, Stephanie Cayo has again been asked about the star of 'Love is in the air.

Very discreet with her private life and very reluctant to talk about the link she has with the Turkish actor ( who did say that they are getting to know each other), the actress has avoided questions and has given evasive when the press alluded to her smile whenever they mention her to the protagonist of 'Love is in the air. "I always smile and my eyes always shine because I am happy. A woman has to be happy inside," said the interpreter, who prefers for the moment to be cautious and not give too many details about this alleged and incipient relationship. "I prefer not to talk about it for now," said Cayo, who said a few days ago that he was a "great guy" but that they did not know each other well enough. "I still don't know him very well. So let's say I still haven't gotten to know him very well." 

What the interpreter did say is that she always has her heart open to love and has assured us that we should not be reluctant to show our most sensitive side. " Always. The strength of a woman means being in touch with your emotions, allowing yourself to be vulnerable and not getting strong as a rock as it is believed, I believe otherwise, on the contrary".

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