The question that made Kerem Bürsin angry: is he in love with Stéphanie Cayo?

The question that made Kerem Bürsin angry: is he in love with Stéphanie Cayo?

The famous actor Kerem Bürsin is one of the most popular names in recent times.

Finally, Bürsin, whom I have not seen in any project after the TV series Sen Çal Kapımı, in which he starred along with Hande Erçel, has been mentioned often in the magazine's agenda with allegations and gossip about his love life. 

It was claimed that Bürsin, who became known under a number of different names after his breakup with Hande Erçel, was recently with Stefanie Cayo. The actor responded to the topic. Here are the details of the news...

The question that annoyed Kerem Bürsin!

Kerem Bürsin became a trend in social media after the interview he gave today. While the famous actor was answering questions about her new project deal in Spain, he felt uncomfortable when allegations about his relationship status were revealed. So, is Kerem Bürsin in love with Stephanie Cayo?

Is Kerem Bürsin in love with Stéphanie Cayo?

Kerem Bürsin, who was told he was shaking hands with a Spanish company, met with members of the press to approve his new project. A question about his private life addressed to Bürsin, who was very kind in talking about his new jobs, upset the famous actor.

When asked about the rumors of love in the press on his behalf, Kerem Bürsin reacted politely to the situation and said: "There is no need to go into these issues, I think it is here at this time.

Following the photos that the actress had recently taken with Cuban actress Stephanie Cayo, allegations of love began to circulate between them.

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