Uomini e Donne Vip: the first celebrity is the beloved actor. Fans without words

Uomini e Donne Vip: the first celebrity is the beloved actor. Fans without words

Uomini e Donne Vip is the transmission that will be aired, in all likelihood, this summer instead of Temptation Island. Lately, many rumors have suggested that the program will not be hosted by Maria De Filippi, but by Silvia Toffanin. An indiscretion that for the moment has no foundation. Recently, however, has appeared the name of the first trunist, we discover together who it is.

Uomini e Donne Vip

As we know, during the summer, almost all programs have a stop to allow the deserved rest to professionals who do their jobs throughout the year. In the summer months then are proposed transmissions of this period or replicas. An appointment that we could not miss was with Temptation Island, but this year there will be no more.

In its place was thought to insert something new that could satisfy the Italian public. And what could Mediaset think if not a new version of Uomini e Donne? The program starts with the classic throne and then develops a spinoff of the Over Throne. Now, another version will be submitted to the viewers: Uomini e Donne Vip.

One of the first rumors is about the conduction that seems not to be entrusted to Maria De Filippi, who would manage everything from behind the scenes, but to Silvia Toffanin. The first hypothetical names of trunists and suitors have also been leaked. The first among all is Antonio Zequila even if after his experience as a castaway has confessed to having a partner for more than 15 years, then we find Pamela Prati and Valeria Marini. Let's find out now what is the name of the first famous trunist.

Uomini e Donne Vip: the first celebrity is really famous

Uomini e Donne Vip will definitely air in the summer period this year. However, we still do not know anything precise except that it should be much shorter than the traditional transmission. It is thought that a total of eight episodes will be aired. What has left the public speechless is the name of the first trunist chosen by Maria De Filippi.

Queen Mary would like to invest in a big shot, as described on the web. Do you know who we are talking about? The famous Turkish actor Can Yaman. If the news were true, the transmission of Fascino would have truly incredible success, since the actor is very loved and appreciated. Despite the various flirtations that are continuously attributed to him, the beautiful Yaman has recently declared to be single and it could be a good opportunity for everyone.

Obviously, what has been said so far has no confirmation and certainty. However, we remain to wait for more information about it.

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