Why Kerem Bürsin is having more success in Spain than Can Yaman

Why Kerem Bürsin is having more success in Spain than Can Yaman

It seemed that it was never going to happen, but it seems that Can Yaman already has a successor in Spain. The Turkish actor became a sensation not only in his country but also in several European countries including Spain, a place where he became very popular. It was his series 'Erkençi Kus', starring alongside Demet Özdemir, which made him achieve fame beyond the borders of his homeland, and managed to create a precedent for other Turkish series to make their way among the audience, to such an extent that another actor has ousted him from his role as 'star'.

Kerem Bürsin, two years older than him and with a slightly more extensive career beyond Turkey than Yaman has, has also become a much-loved actor in Spain, to such an extent that he is thinking of shooting a film or series in Spain. When Can Yaman came to Spain, back in late 2019, he managed to rub shoulders with a renowned actor, Javier Bardem, what's more, he confessed to Bekia.es that one of his dreams was to win an Oscar-like him, but what no one imagined back then is that another Turkish actor would grab all the looks and he would no longer be the protagonist.

Bürsin has already come to Spain twice, showing that he has taken a liking to this country, and in addition to rubbing shoulders with one of the Bardem brothers -in his case with Carlos-, he has proved to have hit it off with Antonio Banderas. The two actors seem to have turned their meetings into a routine, and beyond coinciding at the Malaga Film Festival, now the Spanish actor has taught him one of the great traditions of Spain, being the best host in the Holy Week of his city.

The Turk visited again the Andalusian city to meet Antonio Banderas after being seen in the traditional procession of the legionaries with his girlfriend, Nicole Kimpell. The three posed together on one of the balconies of Malaga's Calle Larios to witness the Maundy Thursday processions. "A pleasure to share with you ancient traditions of my hometown. Always very welcome dear Kerem!," said Banderas, grateful for his visit.

Kerem was also grateful, saying on his social networks, "The pleasure was all mine! To be able to witness such powerful ancient traditions of your beautiful hometown Malaga was something else and to share this with you made it an honor."

After almost ten years of career, he might be making his debut in Spanish fiction. It was in 2013 when his first leading role in 'Günesi Beklerken' arrived after meeting an important producer at an event who encouraged him to leave the United States - where he lived for years - to try his luck in Turkey.

The truth is that his life has been in many places around the world, he has lived in six different countries and perhaps his Turkish is not as fluent as that of other actors, that's why he even considered abandoning acting, but he kept moving forward. One of the things he has in his favor is that he speaks wonderful English, so it may open many more doors internationally than Can Yaman, as he in his case is fluent in Italian.

The reason why he is so popular in Spain

Be that as it may, and taking into account how well received he has been in Spain, it is clear that he has gained many followers in a very short time, and that Can Yaman has opted for Italy and not for Spain to continue to charm the public. Getting close to the most illustrious actors from Spain is a more than the compelling reason for people to feel an incredible sympathy for him, and even more so after Banderas has shown that he is delighted with his presence.

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