Will there be a project between Antonio Banderas and Kerem Bursin?

Will there be a project between Antonio Banderas and Kerem Bursin?

The friendship between Kerem Bursin and Antonio Banderas seems to have strengthened. So the question occurred to me, "will there be a professional project between the two actors?"

On the occasion of the launch of the book "Sizin Öykünüz" (Your Story), Kerem Bursin gave an interview, in which he had the opportunity to talk about several topics.

Of course, one of the questions was about the relationship between Kerem Bursin and Antonio Banderas. And above all, if there could be a working project between the two actors.

We have many meetings and new friends

The reporter: comes the news of new friends let's talk about Banderas?

Kerem Bursin: "we became very good friends obviously meeting such an actor and publishing things together something special and yes we became very good friends"

The reporter: is there a possibility of having a project together?

Kerem Bursin: "we talked about it we see it depends on the project but both sides want it"

So, Kerem Bursin responded, stating that a very good friendship was born between the two. As for a possible work project, the star of Love is in the air replied that both have talked about it. Most importantly, between Antonio Banderas and Kerem Bursin there is a clear intention to make something together.

Of course, the Turkish actor's words should not be misunderstood. In his response, Kerem Bursin made it clear that a future project together with Bandera is momentarily under discussion.

Since the words were posted by one of the interested parties, it is legitimate to have hopes, of seeing Kerem Bursin and Antonio Banderas together in a movie or a TV series. Only the future will tell if between the two will be born a beautiful professionals collaboration.

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