Can Yaman and outburst against 'obsessive' fans: I can't take it anymore with the stalking

Can Yaman and outburst against 'obsessive' fans: I can't take it anymore with the stalking

Can Yaman a bit fed up with some attitudes from some fans is the one who opened up on Instagram on Tuesday, May 17. Through a story, the actor denied some reports regarding his possible farewell to Italy, but he later let loose with an outburst aimed at some fans who, according to the actor, would "go a little over the edge," talking about "stalking" and the assaults and attacks suffered by women who are associated with him.

Can Yaman is not going away: 'Global project set in Italy on a very important platform'

Can Yaman has decided to quash rumors that he is leaving Italy. With a story on Instagram, which begins with a kind of an aphorism " talk, people unfortunately talk, they don't know what they're talking about," the actor decided to make clarifications about his upcoming projects, but without going into details.

In fact, recently some sites have been talking about the fact that Can Yaman, very soon, would say goodbye to Italy, but apparently, this will not be the case. Addressing his audience, he expounded his thoughts, "I have tried to always be reserved, but at the same time united with you. I have tried to find this exceptional balance."

Referring precisely to his upcoming projects, he emphasized, "I would like to say to those who really love me: I am not leaving Italy, stay calm. My next project is set in Italy and is a global project on a very important platform." With these words, he is most likely referring to his collaboration with Disney+.

Actor tough on the slice of fans who experience him as an obsession: 'I can't take it anymore'

Can Yaman also spoke about the somewhat nomadic life of being an actor: "Actors, especially international actors, move around depending on the project, we're never permanent anywhere, that's the nature of the business."

He did not go into the details of his new project, but he did give a few more details about his private life, especially he let loose a harsh outburst that is perhaps unprecedented: "I will definitely change my house in Rome, not because I'm leaving because people here have gone beyond all limits. I can't take it anymore with the stalking that I go through or the assaults that women go through that are associated with me, if it's not what you 'accept' from you."

A rather harsh Can Yaman with respect to that segment of fans who experience their passion for the actor perhaps a little too obsessively: "I repeat: I love you, but also I love myself. Let's relax, I wish you much love."

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