Can Yaman changes home following fan storm: he allegedly chose a secluded villa for intimacy

Can Yaman changes home following fan storm: he allegedly chose a secluded villa for intimacy

Can Yaman is depopulating in Italy and continues to be one of the most beloved and followed actors of the moment. In recent weeks, the Turkish actor has indulged in a very harsh social outburst, pointing the finger at those all too obsessive fans who have allegedly made his life impossible in the last period.

Can has admitted that he is fed up with these constant stakeouts under his house and sometimes even raids that have been made by female supporters in his building.

That is why the actor announced that he had made the decision to change his home and apparently chose to isolate himself completely to avoid intrusions by fans.

Can Yaman's bitter outburst forced him to protect himself from fan siege

In detail, Can Yaman's career exploded in Italy last year after the success of the soaps DayDreamer and Mr. Wrong.

Within a short time, the Turkish actor has become one of the most beloved faces of the Italian public, also accomplice to his much-talked-about love affair with Diletta Leotta, which brought him to the front pages of all Gossip magazines.

A year after this explosive boom achieved in our country, Can Yaman admitted that he is starting to get a little fed up, especially with the constant intrusions from fans, who are reportedly becoming more and more petulant and obsessive.

Turkish actor changes home because of obsessive fans

And so, on his Instagram profile, the actor indulged in a bitter outburst, where for the first time he accused his supporters of having "crossed all limits."

"I can't take it anymore with the stalking I suffer and the aggression that every woman who associates with me has to go through, if it's not the one you accept," the Turkish actor blurted out, also pointing his finger at the criticism directed toward his alleged flames appearing in the newspapers.

From there,Can Yaman's decision to abandon his apartment in the downtown area of Rome to change his life and keep himself away from prying eyes so that he can also live his intimacy in peace.

Soap star Can Yaman stays in Italy but moves to a secluded villa

According to rumors reported in the pages of the magazine edited by Riccardo Signoretti, Can has chosen a new isolated villa to live in Rome, apparently difficult to reach even for hardened fans.

"An isolated villa where he can come and go in peace, away from prying eyes, especially when he is in sweet company," the magazine writes.

In short, Can's fans will have to settle for seeing him only on social media and on TV, where he will return this fall with the highly anticipated first season of the drama Viola come il mare.

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