In recent hours, there has been nothing but talk about Can Yaman's outburst on his Instagram profile. Indeed, the Turkish actor has publicly denounced the intrusiveness of some of his fans, who are even forcing him to change his home because of their disrespect for his privacy. Despite Yaman's plea, however, his most hardened admirers already seem to be hard at work to complete their new mission in life: to find out where their idol's new home is.

Can Yaman, where is his new home? Obsessed fans begin the investigation

Can Yaman has managed in recent hours to unravel one mystery and create another simultaneously. For the past few weeks, in fact, the most talked-about topic concerning the Turkish actor has been his relocation from Italy, often linked to his collaboration with the Disney Plus platform.

It now seemed certain that Yaman would soon return to Turkey for work-related matters, a rumor fomented just before his outburst by his former agent, Andrea Di Carlo. In fact, the latter, in an Instagram post removed shortly after publication, had spoken of an "Italian adventure coming to an end" and "boxes coming out of his house at the Colosseum."

Someone, therefore, thought that the " point blank" outburst on Can Yaman's part might have been partly due to Di Carlo's words and that he prepared to refute them with this contrivance. The actor has thus shed light on his relocation, actually a move, but at the same time creating a new mystery that is driving his most hardened, and at times obsessed, fans crazy: "where is Can Yaman's new home?"

Unfortunately, or fortunately, it is not even known where the actor's new abode might even remotely be located, information that is likely to remain top-secret for a long time. However, some fans seem to have already set to work to find out the address of Can Yaman's new home, something that for the sake of his privacy we can only hope will be a secret kept as long as possible.

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