Can Yaman lashes out and rants: 'People have crossed all limits, I suffer from staking out'

Can Yaman lashes out and rants: 'People have crossed all limits, I suffer from staking out'

Can Yaman break his silence and vent on social media after the latest rumors related to a possible farewell to Italy. The Turkish star, who has driven so many Italian fans crazy, has chosen to shed some light and in addition to denying these rumors, he has also revealed that he is quite tried by a situation of "stalking" that is allegedly taking place against him by some definitely too "obsessive" fans.

Can Yaman's truth about farewell to Italy: Turkish actor breaks silence

In detail, the latest rumors about Can Yaman wanted him to leave Italy. In fact, rumors related to a possible farewell by the Turkish star, who has won the affection of millions and millions of Italian viewers in recent years, have been circulating on the web.

Apparently, however, this is not the reality of the facts given, and Can has chosen to categorically deny these rumors about him, making it clear that he will not leave Italy in the coming months.

"I'm not leaving Italy rest assured, my next project is set in Italy, and it's a global project on a very important platform," revealed the Turkish actor, who for the time being has not spilled any details regarding this new professional adventure that will see him starring.

New work project on the way for Can Yaman

Can then reiterated that actors, primarily international actors, almost always move depending on the project, which is why they are never permanent anywhere in the world.

However, for the next few months, the Turkish actor will not be leaving the capital, as his next project will have its own life in Italy.

While waiting to find out what it is all about, Can Yaman also took the opportunity to throw vitriolic barbs at those somewhat too 'obsessive' fans who allegedly made life difficult for him in recent months.

'People have crossed all limits,' Can Yaman rants against overly 'obsessive' fans

"I'm definitely going to change my house in Rome because people have crossed all limits," Can Yaman sentenced in his post-rejoinder that appeared on social media.

"I can't take it anymore with stalking that I endure or the aggression that every female who associates with me has to endure if it's not the one you accept," blurted out the Turkish actor who this time did not send a message to his female supporters.

In short, a loud and clear message that Can wanted to get across to his fans, asking them to "relax" and try to be a little less invasive in his private life.

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