Can Yaman seen with the director of Vogue Turkey

Can Yaman seen with the director of Vogue Turkey

That's right, our favorite Turkish actor is hanging out with all the best in Turkey and this time Can Yaman has been spotted with Vogue's director sharing this fashion accessory.

It seems that Can Yaman is taking a few days off before the start of the shooting of El Turco to gather strength for the upcoming filming. He is also taking the opportunity to meet with friends.

Among these interactions, we have caught Can Yaman together with the fashion director of Vogue Turkey, Z. Ceylan Atınç.

The thing is that we did not know the friendship between the two until in a story of Ceylan Atınç on Instagram we could see Can Yaman posing like this as a ' sepsi' with some very modern glasses and that he looks great on him, but if we were to wear them, we would look like the little old man from the Disney movie 'Up'.

Can Yaman wear glasses from Sacred Geometry Eyewear, a brand owned by Ceylan Atınç. As you can imagine, networks started speculating about a possible relationship of Can Yaman with the Vogue director. But what else do we know about her?

Who is Ceylan Atınç?

Ceylan Atinç is the fashion director of Vogue Turkey, she is a fashion professor at Vakko ESMOD Istanbul, as well as creative director at her own eyewear brand (now we get it all) called Sacred Geometry Eyewear where she is also a model.

So it's no wonder we've read headlines like "Can Yaman's new girlfriend is the director of Vogue Turkey" or "Can Yaman's new illusion..." or "Wedding bells are ringing for Can Yaman", but nope. The point is that it seems that they are just good friends and that she is also married to Berk Tanriverdi, a millionaire and young heir belonging to one of the most influential and richest families in Turkey, who almost lost everything to marry Ceylan because his family was opposed to the marriage. Tremendous story that sounds like Harry and Meghan, doesn't it?

So false alarm girlfriends, Can Yaman's story with the Vogue director is mere speculation. He is single and in one piece (as far as we know) and we hope he stays that way for a long time until he meets us, if possible without glasses on.

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