Can Yaman shocked: A fan comes to do the unthinkable!

Can Yaman shocked: A fan comes to do the unthinkable!

The fact that Can Yaman, especially after his move to Italy, had gathered quite a following of fans was common knowledge, but never would the Turkish actor have imagined that any of them would go so far! Let's see together what happened to shock Yaman to the point of making him speechless.

A young Can Yaman fan writes a thesis on him!

Well, yes! One of Can Yaman's fans seems to have been inspired by the Turkish actor so much that she went so far as to write a dissertation on him! We found out through one of Yaman's latest Instagram Stories, which reposted the post on his profile from his admirer in which he himself was tagged:

Can Yaman's popularity has reached sky-high levels, not to mention how much his fans have bonded with the actor, especially given how devotedly and respectfully he treats them in return. Yaman is indeed one of those celebrities who acknowledges all his success and fame to the public and fans.

Thanks to his autobiography, It Seems Strange to Me Too, Can Yaman has been able to acquaint his loyal admirers with "Can the man," which goes well beyond "the actor" they madly adore. And that is exactly what the same fan who made a thesis about him recognized in her Instagram post, in which she wrote:

"A path, an achievement, and an inspiration: @canyaman. An 8-month work, the first dissertation designed and implemented on a person who in so many ways made and makes a difference. [...] An enormous satisfaction for me, which you understand well given the course of your studies that allowed you to be the man and professional you are today: an educated and prepared man and a serious actor and perfectionist. It is my wish for the graduation to have the proper epilogue, to have a meeting so that I can personally hand you a copy of my thesis and a dedication from you to seal the achievement. Thank you!"

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