Can Yaman still loves Demet Özdemir even though she is going to marry someone else. We have the definitive proof

Can Yaman still loves Demet Özdemir even though she is going to marry someone else. We have the definitive proof

Disney+ has held a gala dinner to introduce all the actors who are going to participate in Can Yaman's new series 'El Turco' but Can Yaman decided not to attend. The reasons, inside.

Disney+ is about to start filming El Turco and in order to celebrate it and to make family, they have organized a gala dinner with all the actors that will be part of the project plus some others that will surely be part of their productions in the future.

Demet Özdemir (Can Yaman's ex who attended with her current boyfriend), Hande Erçel, and Can Yaman himself were invited to the dinner among many other components of the series such as Pinar Deniz, Aras Bulut İynemli, Aslı Enver, Eda Ece, Burak Deniz or Cansu Dere as well as directors of the channel.

As many of you may know, both were the protagonist's couple of the series daydreamer' A love story that touched millions of viewers around the planet and that although briefly, went beyond the screen to become real.

Demet Özdemir is about to get married.

Demet Özdemir is dating Turkish singer and actor Oguzhan Koç whom he will marry this summer.

Everyone attending the Disney+ presentation dinner noticed Can Yaman's absence. The Turkish actor decided at the last minute not to attend the event and speculations immediately began to spread. One of the most popular speculations was that Can Yaman didn't want to put Demet on the spot or make headlines that could damage their wedding or engagement. After all, you know that Can complained bitterly about the media hurting every woman he approached. Could this be the reason for Can Yaman's absence from the Disney+ launch dinner?

Demet Özdemir's boyfriend reportedly forbid her to get close to Can Yaman.

Another theory about Can Yaman's non-attendance at the Disney+ presentation in Turkey is that Demet Özdemir's boyfriend has forbidden them to work together again because he is jealous of Can.

If we add to this rumor another one that would indicate that the possible cause of the breakup between Can and Demet would have been her boyfriend himself, that's a clear-cut rumor. Can Yaman is a gentleman and before avoiding a possible conflict or an absurd confrontation that could jeopardize the marriage of his ex, he would have withdrawn to avoid causing problems between them. Is it or is not that Can Yaman still loves Demet Özdemir? Okay, it's just a fan rumor, but don't tell me that this gentlemanly attitude doesn't suit Can Yaman?

To these rumors that Can Yaman still loves Demet Özdemir, you put a Can Yaman, in the rain, soaking wet, sad that he has lost Demet forever while realizing that he is going to lose the woman he truly loves because she is going to marry another man who took her away from him and we have another soap opera of the kind we love. From time to time.

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