Monte Carlo Film celebrates with Yaman, Sandrelli and Argentero

Monte Carlo Film celebrates with Yaman, Sandrelli and Argentero

Between the standing ovation for Stefania Sandrelli, the elegant voice of the eclectic Tom Leeb, the descent of Can Yaman (who indulges his fans), the jokes of Chiambretti & Sir Ezio Greggio, the applause for "Doc" Luca Argentero, and the awards ceremony, the curtain falls on the Monte Carlo Film Festival de la Comédie. A lot of stuff in this 19th edition.

The awards of the 19th Monte Carlo Film Festival

The Jury composed by Paul Haggis (President), Tom Leeb, Clara Ponsot and the nice Pierpaolo Spollon, always in the mood for jokes, awards the Canadian Babysitter. The film gets two awards for Best Picture and Best Actor to Steve Laplante. Best Director goes to the Spaniard Dani De la Orden for Mamá o papá, which also wins the Best Actress award for Miren Ibarguren. Denmark's Miss Viborg won the Special Jury Award for an outstanding first feature film. The Jury of the Monte-Carlo Film Festival awarded Odd-Magnus Williamson for Best Screenwriting with Nothing to Laugh About.

The Italian film Una Boccata d'aria directed by Alessio Lauria and starring Aldo Baglio (who also received the Lifetime Achievement Award) won the Audience Award. Finally, the Short Comedy Award (presented by Chiambretti who plays on stage with the creator and director of the Festival Ezio Greggio) goes to the hilarious Kenyan short film A guide to dining out in Nairobi.

The rich audience at the Grimaldi Forum

Among tulle dresses, triumphs of sequins and nude backs, the show at the Grimaldi Forum in Monte-Carlo, which celebrates the guests, comes alive. With Ezio Greggio always ready in the role of mattatore with the elegant Cristina Marino (who then welcomes with a kiss the award-winning Luca Argentero, his better half, who tells how much now he has dropped even in life in the role of the series "Doc".

Stefania Sandrelli the most loved

Many international and Italian guests of the small and big screen. Among the most touching moments was the Movie Legend Award, to Stefania Sandrelli, the iconic actress who has made the history of Italian cinema with more than 100 films (C'eravamo Tanto amati, La Famiglia, Io la conoscevo bene, Prosciutto Prosciutto, Divorzio all'italiana). Everyone stood up for her and she was moved when she received the award from Cattelan, who asked her, quite banally, what happiness is... She, who had just explained how today we live in a not-so-happy moment, between pandemic and war, replied with an invitation to seize the moment because, quite banally, "happiness is when you are happy".

The simple elegance of Luca Argentero

Luca Argentero (Doc-in your hands, Le fate Ignoranti-la serie, Come un gatto in tangenziale-retorno a Coccia de Morto) received the Lifetime Achievement Award. The actor, who by now considers Ozpetek as an "older brother to ask for advice", melts on stage letting himself go to a sweet declaration for his lovely and talented Cristina Marino.

To the rising stars of Italian cinema, Ludovica Martino (Skam, Sotto il sole di Riccione, ) and Lorenzo Zurzolo (Baby, Summertime, Eo) the Special Next Generation Award to the best performer under 30. Special Prize, Monte Carlo Film Festival-Next Generation Comedy Award, also for Giancarlo Commare (Skam, Ancora più bello, Sempre più bello, Maschile Singolare) for his performance in Ancora più bello.

In addition, to the President of the Jury of the Monte Carlo Film Festival, the Oscar-winning Paul Haggis ( Crash-contatto fisico, Million Dollar Baby), the prestigious Movie Legend Award.

From Chiambretti to Can Yaman, Monte Carlo show

If the showman Piero Chiambretti offers moments of pure fun, joking with Sir Ezio about his height, the famous journalist Cesara Buonamici (who doesn't flinch and took off her heeled shoes before going down the escalator that takes her to the Grimaldi Forum) recalls the hard times and the difficulty of bringing out some good news today. "Luckily there's cinema!" she concludes. Applause and cheers for the historic Juventus footballer Andrea Barzagli, while the Turkish actor and model Can Yaman, who we will soon (?) see in the role of the famous Malaysian tiger, Sandokan, all dressed in white, also sends the ladies and young ladies of the Principality of Monaco into a tizzy.

Can Yaman: "Italy has made me a better man."

Crowded by fans at the entrance, among photos, selfies, autographs, hugs (in the face of Covid) he answers only to questions about the association For Children that he founded to thank those who "gave him so much love and still show it every day in Italy". Then, as an entrepreneur, he remembers his perfume and looks almost shy on stage when Greggio also recalls the book that Can Yaman wrote. " Everything about me and the hard work I did to get here can be found there," he simply points out, still thanking Italy for the great affection he received. "Italy has made me a better man," he again points out.

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