Can Yaman's training to get muscles of steel

Can Yaman's training to get muscles of steel

Can Yaman was a lawyer. He practiced in New York and Italy, but working in a law office didn't fulfill him because, as he told in an interview, "it was a very serious environment". That's why he shared his profession with castings and modeling offers. In 2014 he abandoned his profession, turned his life around, and began to reinvent himself as an actor. Three years later he would become a star of international fame.

When he makes a decision he doesn't look back, he always kept a constant: "I've been doing sports since I was a child and for me, it's a philosophy of life: keeping fit and eating well is a priority in my career," Can Yaman assured in an interview for Men's Health. He confessed that he also considered basketball, an option he discarded because his game was "too aggressive". He opted for acting instead.

She does high-intensity exercise every day to keep both her body and mind in shape: she mixes crossfit, calisthenics, and boxing. He also practices the same training as Brad Pitt to show off his figure in "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood": mixed martial arts.

Half an hour of Crossfit

Can Yaman has a personal trainer, Umut Duygu, a well-known personality in the Turkish Fitness scene. "Now I do one hour of boxing and half an hour of CrossFit daily. I work mostly with my body weight and with a high heart rate, to burn calories.

At Summum we explain in detail the ins and outs of Crossfit, the most complete military training. It is a discipline that draws from other more traditional disciplines such as gymnastics, athletics or weightlifting through a series of exercises with a common denominator: intensity.

It is a mix of functional workouts lasting one hour in which coordination, speed, flexibility, power, strength, agility, balance, precision, and endurance are worked on. A program considered almost a military training but whose adaptability allows anyone to start practicing it regardless of age or physical condition. In fact, this is one of the fundamental pillars advocated by its creator: "The needs of Olympic athletes and those of our grandparents differ in degree, not in mode".

An hour of boxing

Can Yaman combines these exercises with Boxing, whose workouts usually begin with highly dynamic and highly effective exercise planks to develop endurance: skipping rope, burpees, knee skipping, jumping jacks, and push-ups.

It continues with six different strokes combined with the dodges that achieve a perfect choreography in which adrenaline, reflexes, instinct, and balance are adjusted to each other. The mind, focused on this process, empties itself to execute the body's movements correctly. Therefore, it reduces stress, and the high intensity of the exercise achieves very effective results.

In addition to improving lung capacity and coordination, boxing invites a lifestyle marked by self-improvement and discipline.

Calisthenics, Yaman's primitive workout

Can Yaman also practices calisthenics, a combination of exercises without machines that can change the body and mind. This discipline consists of working the muscles based on the knowledge of the body and its natural and primitive movements. Learning is gradual, in many occasions we must "unlearn" concepts and build them again.

Calisthenics improves our performance because it works all types of muscle fibers and joints. It also has benefits for the nervous system and activates metabolism. "It optimizes our ability to obtain energy by getting all systems to work together," Sandro García Agustín, president of the icepresident of the Spanish Federation of Street Workout and Calisthenics.

To train, all human movement patterns are repeated: pushes, pull-ups, core stabilizations, hip, knee, and ankle dominant exercises. All types of strength are worked (supramaximal, maximal, submaximal, power-strength, explosive-strength, strength-endurance, and out hypertrophy).

Summum reports in an in-depth report on everything an athlete needs to know to practice Calisthenics. It also discusses its sister discipline, Street Workout.

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