Can Yaman has done a lot since Daydreamer, the Turkish soap that made him a real star in Italy. The actor was already known in our country also for another "dizi", namely Bitter Sweet - Ingredients of Love, in which Yaman played the charming businessman Ferit Aslan. Although he had already attracted the attention of a large part of the Italian public, it was with the role of the wildly handsome Can Divit that Yaman's success soared. So imagine the reaction of his followers on Instagram when they saw the actor's latest post....

Can Yaman post a photo from the days of Daydreamer

Can Yaman seems to have wanted to let his fans bask in a moment of nostalgia. The actor has in fact recently published on his Instagram profile, a photo that - as always - has sent his fans into raptures: one of his best shots on the set of the beloved Turkish soap, Daydreamer - The Wings of Dream. His followers could not help but get excited to see their favorite in the shoes of the character who stole their hearts: the beautiful Can Divit, the protagonist of the soap.

The description of the post reads "Back in the days", and attached we find a photo of Can Yaman in the role of the rebellious photographer Can Divit. His followers blasted the post with thousands of appreciative comments, but then with a cooler head, fans also began to wonder, "Why on earth would he share this post?"

Obviously, the thought of the last, incurable romantics among his fans immediately thought of her, Demet Ozdemir: the Turkish actress, starring together with Can Yaman in Daydreamer and with whom the actor had a secret relationship. It is certainly an unlikely theory since there is nothing in the post that makes a connection to their story.

 It seems, however, that among Yaman's fans there is still someone who continues to hope undeterred in their rapprochement. A scenario not too unthinkable to be honest, since soon Can Yaman will return to Turkey, probably because of the Disney+ series, El Turco. Will the two actors please their fans by giving them the long-awaited reunion? Or will Ozdemir stick to her jealous boyfriend's request?

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