Demet Ozdemir: photos on Instagram with Oguzhan Koc. Italian fan's criticism.

Demet Ozdemir: photos on Instagram with Oguzhan Koc. Italian fan's criticism.

The Turkish actress Demet Özdemir, who is well known in Italy because she is starring, together with Can Yaman, in the TV series DayDreamer - The Wings of Dreaming, has a large following of fans in Italy who follow her in all her events, not only in the film field but also in the social field. On her Instagram profile, she is followed by more than 15 million followers, which gives evidence of her notoriety, not only in Turkey but also in Europe and South American countries.

The love affairs of Demet Özdemir

There has been much talk about her in the past because, according to the Turkish press, Özdemir allegedly had an affair with her partner Can Yaman, which was later broken off due to the Turkish actor's infidelity.

Today Demet Özdemir is happily engaged to Turkish singer Oğuzhan Koç, from whom she received on her 30th birthday a 4-carat ring worth 1.2 million Turkish liras, or about 77 thousand euros. The two also are close to marriage, which is expected to take place in July this year.

Unfortunately, the engagement between Demet and Oğuzhan is not well regarded by Özdemir's fans, especially those in Italy, who have more than once expressed their disappointment to her about this relationship, as they do not consider the Turkish singer to be up to her standards. But perhaps more simply because they feel that the ideal couple is Can Yaman-Demet Özdemir, the performers of the TV series DayDreamer that has thrilled millions of viewers.

And these thoughts of theirs are constantly expressed under Demet's posts. They have also done so in the latest photos the Turkish actress has posted on her Instagram profile, four of which show her with a friend, her baby, and her dog, while the remaining three feature her boyfriend and some friends.

The Italian fans' opposition to the Demet- Koç couple

Savina writes: "Demet darling I adore you so much but don't put Koç, they are so beautiful photos." And again, "How beautiful the first three photos and the last one" (in the others there is Koç). And Rosa: "Demet look honey I respect you so much but please don't put those pictures of  Oguzhan anymore, please. You are a special person but we don't want to see that next to you, please please." Finally Santina: " Beautiful baby, beautiful you, except the ... When are you going to take him off your hands?"

In short, in Italy Demet's fans really don't want to know about her boyfriend Oğuzhan, although they will have to get over it sooner or later.

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