A number of details regarding the long-awaited Disney+ commercial, aimed at sponsoring the streaming platform's arrival in Turkey, have recently been revealed by Turkish media. Indeed, it is now known what it will be called, who will direct it, when filming will begin, and even that fifteen Turkish actors who have entered into an agreement with Disney will participate. Among them, confirming earlier speculation, Can Yaman's name has popped up, but for this one the absence of Demet Ozdemir's has been noted instead... What's going on?

Will Demet Ozdemir participate in the Disney+ commercial? Fans are left with a doubt

Turkish media have released in recent days some incredible details about the much-talked-about commercial made to celebrate the arrival of Disney+ in Turkey. The commercial will be called "The Disney Effect," and filming will begin on May 25 and continue until next June 6, 2022. It was also revealed the names of some of the Turkish actors who will participate in the commercial and what they will do within the commercial. Among them has been confirmed to be the beloved Can Yaman, whom we will apparently see intent on exercising on a treadmill in his personal gym while watching The Walking Dead on TV.

When Can Yaman's name is mentioned, it is rather difficult for fans not to also think of that of the beautiful Demet Ozdemir: his former partner in the Turkish soap Daydreamer - Le Ali del Sogno, a dizi that made them both super-popular in Italy. Indeed, fans responded enthusiastically to the news that Ozdemir had also been hired by Disney+, although unfortunately for a different project than Yaman's. Their admirers' spirits were revived in no time, however, when they heard about the commercial to advertise the streaming platform in Turkey, but perhaps their hopes are about to be dashed again...

Although in fact, Turkish media have mentioned some of the names of the actors who are expected to participate in the commercial, fans have found the absence of Demet Özdemir definitely strange and at times suspicious. There seems to be nothing concrete to suggest that the actress will not participate in the commercial.

However, it is also true that Demet's name is very popular in Turkey, as well as in Italy, so it seemed strange that the producers did not decide to include her in this commercial right away. For all we know, Ozdemir may very well not participate in this commercial but in another one later on, yet the doubt of fans remains... And what do you think?

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