Engin Akyürek: The soul and the body unite when they are in love

Engin Akyürek: The soul and the body unite when they are in love

Engin Akyürek, who will soon be on the screen with the series escape, spoke about love in an interview with Hürriyet.

"You played guys in love many times on the screenDid you solve the love?" "Where is it? Is there a solution? If anyone has a solution, introduce it." gave the answer.

What love means to him: "I think love is a quest. Finding it, trying to feel it, and wondering who it will be, it's an incredible and very strong feeling that connects us to life. I think when you ignore love, something very powerful in life starts to fade." Expressing his words with the following words, Akyürek answered the question "What kind of person do you become when you are in love?", "The image of everything comes to life. Colors, sounds, smells... It is as if the soul and body are united in love. When love ends, that feeling disappears with time," he said.

"Is there a love in your life that makes you feel that way?" The answer to the question is "Not at the moment." it has happened.

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