Hande Erçel is the Girl of the Year 2022, thanks to her sister: 'In her I see my mother'

Hande Erçel is the Girl of the Year 2022, thanks to her sister: 'In her I see my mother'

On the evening of May 30, the Elle Style Awards X Mac were held. Organized by Elle Türkiye and Mac Cosmetics, they honored the best people in the Turkish show biz world in terms of personality and style. Among the many awardees was Hande Erçel, who received the Girl of the Year award and on this occasion wanted to pay tribute to her sister Gamze who was present at the event, but also to her mother who passed away in 2019 due to an incurable disease.

Hande Erçel honored at the Elle Style Awards X Mac.

Exciting moments she experienced during the Elle Style Awards X Mac 2022 awards night.

The actress was honored as Girl of the year and in her acceptance speech she not only wanted to pay tribute to all the fans who follow and support her, but she wanted to express all her admiration for her sister Gamze, who stands by her side not only in her private life, but also in her artistic journey.

In a few words, Hande decided to thank Gamze like this, "I want to thank my sister, because every passing day she takes on the style of our mother-I see my mother in her." A touching moment that Gamze immediately wanted to share on social media, with a video of the award ceremony accompanied by the caption "You made me cry."

The niece of Hande is named like her grandmother

It was a touching moment for the Erçel sisters, who thus wanted to remember their mother Aylin, who passed away in 2019 at just 48 years old due to an incurable disease.

Gamze, unlike Hande, is also the mother of a baby girl, born of her union with her husband Caner Yıldırım. The little girl was born the very same year that her grandmother passed away, which is also why Gamze decided to name her daughter Aylin Mavi, precisely in honor of her mother who is no longer with us.

Erçel sisters' social memories

Hande Erçel has often paid tribute to her mother on social media, especially on her birthday or the anniversary of her death. The actress always remembers her mother in a sweet way, even pointing out their character similarities: "I realize that we look more and more alike, and this is something I really like.

You are so beautiful mom, I hope that in your new life you can swim in endless seas."

Gamze also remembers her on social media with some melancholy. During a "ask me a question" on Instagram, a follower asked her, "It must be hard to raise a child when your mother is gone. Are you proud that you can make up for this lack?" Gamze Erçel's response was sincere and shrouded in a veil of melancholy: "It's harder than you might think, I would love to have her here with me."

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