Answer from Şafak Sezer to Kerem Bürsin's words!

Answer from Şafak Sezer to Kerem Bürsin's words!

Kerem Bürsin attended a cinema talk during the weekend. "If you compare the sets in America with the sets in Turkey, what is the biggest difference?" Bürsin was asked, "We are more hardworking, we are disciplined.

If we talk about the actors, I can't say much, I can't say anything, but would you understand if I said that they don't think they are anything? I mean, they don't shout 'I created the world, this is my set, brother'.

Attending the 60th Year European Brand Award Ceremony, Şafak Sezer responded to Kerem Bürsin's words. Şafak Sezer said, "What lies inside you is to be spoiled. Because this profession happens when the person in front of you spoils you by saying 'I love you very much.

That's why there are such actors and actresses in Turkey who are of such high quality that they can take the world by storm. They work 19 hours, 20 hours. The young friend who had his photo taken next to Kerem Bürsin and Antonio Banderas needs to eat more bread to use such words."

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