"Attention, it could be Pınar Deniz!"

"Attention, it could be Pınar Deniz!"

Actress Pınar Deniz, who starred in commercials and films published on digital platforms in addition to her role in the series "Judgment", became an agenda on social media because of the words she said about Timothee Chalamet weeks ago, saying that his magic was broken because I saw him everywhere.

2 years ago, the beautiful actress, who was a guest on İbrahim Selim's program, said of actor Timothee Chalamet, "I was impressed when I first watched it, but then it lost all its effect on me. By playing too much work and being seen too much... It's over because I see him everywhere, his magic is broken. It was too exhausting."

These words of the actress, who took part in many projects, came to the agenda again. "Pınar Deniz may come out from under your base", "Breath a little" and "Again Pınar Deniz" comments were made while the actress became the agenda on Twitter.

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