Can Yaman and Roberto Macellari, make peace? Photo

Can Yaman and Roberto Macellari, make peace? Photo

Can Yaman, the protagonist of the TV series DayDreamer, which made him popular in Italy, reunites with his faithful friend Roberto Macellari. Indeed, peace seems to have returned between the two after a period of estrangement.

Launching the indiscretion was celebrity photographer Gianluigi Barbieri who, with his ever-ready lens, captured Can Yaman and Roberto Macellari strolling through the streets of Rome. A few months ago, Can Yaman's fans had noticed the absence of Roberto, who was inexplicably no longer seen next to the Turkish actor.

Subsequently, social investigator Alessandro Rosica stated several times in his Instagram Stories that Roberto Macellari had moved away from Can Yaman as a result of disagreements that arose between the two that allegedly soured their friendship.

The newfound friendship between Can Yaman and Roberto Macellari

Barbieri's photos testify, however, that Can and Roberto have overcome their disagreements and are now friends more than ever.

The shots date from, Sunday, May 29. Both were photographed on the streets of Rome as if nothing had ever happened between them.

In the past, the two have exchanged affectionate phrases on social media. "I love you," Can Yaman's Instagram dedication to Roberto Macellari. "I love you like a brother and proud like a father," the friend responded.

Once the storm passed, with Can Yaman's harsh outburst about the obsessive attitude of some fans, the actor then resumed walking around Rome. The fans are now careful not to bother him; on the contrary, they have taken a defensive attitude toward him even picking on photographer Barbieri, who was intent on doing his job.

Meanwhile, Can returned to Rome, soon to be engaged for the new series El Turco signed by Disney Plus. From what we learn, parts of the series are expected to be shot right in Italy.

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