Can Yaman is doing this excessively and many fear for his health.

Can Yaman is doing this excessively and many fear for his health.

And thank goodness because we already thought that his 'Sandokan' series project was never going to see the light of day.

His obsession has all of us fans worried. Because it's one thing for Can Yaman to do it once or twice a day, but this is an obsession. It's vice.

Can Yaman has been obsessed with working out at the gym since he returned from his trip to Turkey in the last week. What is our favorite Turkish soap opera actor doing? Why is he killing himself in this crazy way?

Is it good for your health to work out every day of the week without exception?

Something must have happened after his return from Turkey. Maybe it's the excesses of the holidays or dinners and meals with friends, we don't know, but what we do know is that Can Yaman training is very scary especially if he does it day and night like crazy.

We know because he is posting all his workouts through his IG stories and believe us, he doesn't stop. Why is Can Yaman doing so much concentrated exercise?

It is well known that the actor is a fan of physical exercise and that he has even installed a gym in the living room of his house in Rome, but this way of training is so wild we had never seen it before and that can only mean one thing...

Can Yaman training like crazy can only mean one thing and that is that the Turkish actor is preparing to revive his two pending projects: 'Sandokan e Marianna' and El Turco'. 

We don't know which series he will start working on first, but in both series, he will have to show a stunning physique, so seeing Can Yaman training day and night makes perfect sense and can only mean one thing: Can Yaman is about to start working on new series that we will be waiting for with open arms.

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