Can Yaman, journalist in Turkey snubs him at Disney+ party: 'This is not Italy'

Can Yaman, journalist in Turkey snubs him at Disney+ party: 'This is not Italy'

There is bad air between the part of the Turkish press and Can Yaman. On the evening of 14 June, the actor attended the Disney+ launch event in Istanbul, but as he walked the blue carpet he was 'snubbed' by a section of journalists. According to the latter, the actor 'has no need' of the Turkish press, as his success is now centered in Italy.

The Turkish press's controversy with Can Yaman

The launch of Disney+ in Turkey was in grand style, with a party held in Istanbul's Tersane district.

Many personalities were present, including Demet Özdemir, Hande Erçel and of course Can Yaman. There is a lot of talk about the latter, especially when a user pointed out on Instagram that journalists would not give the actor proper attention during the event.

According to a story posted on Instagram, Can Yaman greeted Gazete Magazin journalist Akif Yaman, but apparently the latter did not really take him into consideration, as did the other press present. For this reason, the actor allegedly walked away.

The video was subsequently reported on the web by the Turkish mainstream media.

Akif Yaman is ''vindicating'' his non-greeting of the actor

The story about the incident, posted on Instagram, was immediately reposted by Akif Yaman, who commented on the lack of attention Can Yaman received in Turkey with: 'This is not Italy'.

It would seem that when a press officer saw the actor on the blue carpet, he said: 'Dump him guys, he's the star of Italy, he doesn't need the Turkish press?'

A rift that obviously got fans on the web talking, with the actor's supporters immediately taking his side to defend him.

Erkenci Kuş's fans and the hope of seeing Can and Demet together

The evening was peppered not only with controversy, but also with the hope of Erkenci Kuş's fans to see Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir together again. In fact, both were present at the evening as they signed a contract with Disney+. Demet will star in Dünyayla Benim Aramda, available on the platform soon, while Can Yaman might star in El Turco together with Hande Erçel, but nothing has yet been made official about the latter project.

Many had hoped to see them together, perhaps in a photo or a story on Instagram, but this did not happen. Fans, above all, have been scrambling to find proof of a possible rapprochement, but as yet nothing has been announced.

However, they were also content with the simple fact that their idols were, after so long, at the same public event: 'Do you realize that Can and Demet breathe the same air,' someone commented romantically.

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