Can Yaman returns to Rome. It's still controversy on social media: Leave him alone.

Can Yaman returns to Rome. It's still controversy on social media: Leave him alone.

Is Can Yaman back in Rome? The photo taken by VIP photographer Gianluigi Barbieri and posted on his Instagram profile captures the Turkish actor in front of the front door of his home in Rome.

Can reportedly returned from Turkey last Friday and is currently in Rome. His stay in Instabul would last only a few days, time to spend a few hours of serenity together with his family and his mom Güldem.

Can Yaman a few weeks ago had indulged in a harsh outburst on social media about the too much pressure he was under from some of his fans. "I have always tried to be reserved," he had written, "but at the same time close to you. I have tried to find this exceptional balance. I love you, but I also love myself. Let's relax. I hope we can all find peace, because I need it so much. I would like to say to those who really love me: I am not leaving Italy. Be at peace. My next project is set in Italy."

Even, Can Yaman referred to the fact that some people had crossed all limits, stalking him and attacking every woman who came alongside him. So he declared that he wanted to move house, to leave Rome but not Italy. On the contrary, the actor confirmed that he would be engaged in a major new international project set right in Italy.

The controversy on social media over the photo taken by Barbieri

The photo taken by Barbieri has, however, aroused mixed feelings from the Turkish actor's fans. There are those who are enthusiastic about Can Yaman's return to Rome, and those, on the other hand, who resent the photographer as once again their idol is being subjected to continuous pressure from the media. "What is not clear about Can Yaman's statement? Still under the house are you? And clap all the way," is the comment of one of Can's followers under the photo posted by Barbieri.

But there are also those who applaud and thank the photographer for capturing Can back in Rome: "He is in love with Italy and can't wait to come back here."

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