Can Yaman still be in Diletta Leotta's heart? The journalist is dating Giacomo Cavalli, but she is thinking about the Turkish man

Can Yaman still be in Diletta Leotta's heart? The journalist is dating Giacomo Cavalli, but she is thinking about the Turkish man

What's going on between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta? The Turkish star flies to Sardinia for a film festival, she is all alone in the Canary Islands despite rumors of a flirtation with model Giacomo Cavalli. The truth, it seems, is that the beautiful sports journalist has never forgotten Can, whom she still secretly regrets.

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta: is there still hope?

The love story between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta has been nothing short of overwhelming. The two decided to come out of the closet after a barrage of gossip about the alleged flirtation, showing themselves to be very much in love, ready to get serious despite knowing each other relatively recently. Between trips and romantic getaways, there were also family introductions and a trip to Turkey, after which there was open talk of a wedding. Then, suddenly, Can and Diletta showed less and less together, and when the journalist celebrated her 30th birthday all by herself, the breakup was established.

Leotta recounted that she had a wonderful love story with Yaman, consumed by the haste and inexperience of both in sentimental matters, while the Turkish actor always categorically refused to talk about his ex-girlfriend. Months and many flirtations later, Diletta was plucked in the company of Giacomo Cavalli, a handsome model who is rumored to have made a breach in the heart of the face of DAZN, while Can is devoted to his career and new projects on the small screen.

Too bad this version of events is not entirely true according to Pipol, who shows some shots of Diletta on a solo vacation in the Canary Islands, claiming to be in possession of crucial information about the explosive journalist. According to sources close to Leotta, in fact, the Sicilian has not yet recovered from her love story with Yaman, hoping wholeheartedly for a comeback, dismissing her relationship with Cavalli to mere friendship, since her feelings are all for the Turkish star. If so, would Can give Diletta a second chance?

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