Can Yaman vs. Kerem Bursin: the Turkish muscle war has just begun

Can Yaman vs. Kerem Bursin: the Turkish muscle war has just begun

We couldn't help comparing the two Turkish actors of the moment. Who will win in the Turkish muscle war between Can Yaman and Kerem Bursin? Let's find out.

They are both good-looking, successful in their jobs, and a hit with both men and women. Besides, both the actor of 'Dreaming Bird' and the one of 'Love is in the air' are in great shape, what do we say in great shape? They're hot, they're blowing, fit, defined and so on to infinity. Get ready because in the Turkish muscle war of Can Yaman vs. Kerem Bursin only one can win. Let's go for it.

Can Yaman

The actor hasn't always been this hunky. He has had his stages as we told you here and he has been getting the hang of training according to the role he had to play. So much so that sport has become a constant in his life and he can't live without it.

Can Yaman is so committed to his fitness that he has even set up a gym in his living room as we showed you here. His physical change since he landed in Italy to shoot Sandokan, has been remarkable, take a look at how he arrived.

Well, he wasn't bad, but now?

How does Can Yaman get a body like that?

Can Yaman practices boxing five days a week. He also does CrossFit and bodybuilding exercises on a daily basis. But don't think that's all Can does.

He also follows a strict hyper-protein diet in which he avoids carbohydrates and alcohol whenever he can.

Kerem Bursin

In our Turkish muscle war between Can Yaman and Kerem Bursin, it's the turn of the second muscular contender, and watch out because it's a close one. The 'Love is in the air' actor is also in enviable physical shape.

Although his style is more sinewy and defined than Can Yaman's, our other favorite Turkish actor kills himself in the gym to look like this.

Moreover, as Kerem is addicted to photography, he gives us moments as impressive as this one in which we can see the fruits of hard work.

Kerem is also the image of the sportswear brand 'UnderArmor', which he wears in the gym where he goes 6 hours a day. Now that he is in our country for a few days, we would kill to know in which gym he trains.

If anything could tip the muscular balance between Kerem Bursin and Can Yaman it could be the height of the two. Kerem Bursin's height is 178 centimeters while Can Yaman's height is 186 centimeters. Those almost 10 centimeters could make the muscle war between Can Yaman and Kerem Bursin, the 'Dreaming Bird' would be the winner, but what can we say, we declare this fight a technical draw until we can't meet them face to face.

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