Can Yaman with no veils: here comes Valeria Marini's comment.

Can Yaman with no veils: here comes Valeria Marini's comment.

Can Yaman has found a new home in Rome, after being forced to change his address to preserve his privacy from the excessive intrusiveness of fans. Here, the Turkish actor dabbles in barbecue and Valeria Marini appreciates the snap posted on Instagram.

Can Yaman makes the atmosphere hot (Photo)

After several days on the road in Italy, Can Yaman is back in Rome and has decided to give himself some time to relax, between workouts in the gym to get in the perfect physical shape ahead of his engagement on the sets of Sandokan and the Dinsey Blu-branded TV series, El Turco where Hande Ercel might not be. After admitting that he felt burdened by the overenthusiasm of some fans, who besieged his home in the capital night and day for months on end, Can decided to change his abode and opted for an ultra-modern but far from prying eyes cottage.

These days, happy about the move, Yaman has been showing some glimpses of his single life in his new home, posting snaps of him in the company of a good liquor and cigar while watching new movies, taking inspiration from his colleagues for his upcoming set assignments. Just a few hours ago, the Turkish actor allowed himself to be immortalized in a selfie as he is intent on getting busy at the barbecue, cooking salmon and potatoes like a real cook, but without any veils.

Can is dressed only in shorts that highlight his long sessions at the gym, and the public appreciates, as does Valeria Marini. The stellar showgirl spreads love on Instagram, encouraging the well-known faces of the showbiz with kind words and sweet comments. This time it was Can's turn to receive appreciation from Valeria, who left the actor with her famous star kisses.

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