Did Murat Dalkilic and Sitare Akbas break up?

Did Murat Dalkilic and Sitare Akbas break up?

It was claimed that singer Murat Dalkılıç and his lover Sitare Akbaş, who have been together for about a year, broke up. Murat Dalkılıç, who was in love with actress Sitare Akbaş, attended an event in Beşiktaş last week.

Speaking about the absence of his lover Sitare Akbaş, the singer said, "He has separate jobs. That's why we usually go to most invitations one by one. There is no problem, we are fine," he used his expressions.

According to allegations, Murat Dalkilic and Sitare Akbas parted ways a month ago. The lovers, who came to an invitation separately, never came together here either. Since Sitare Akbaş supported Murat Dalkılıç's band, the lovers decided to continue their relationship for a while.

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