Hande Erçel blasts Can Yaman over pay inequality on 'El Turco' show

Hande Erçel blasts Can Yaman over pay inequality on 'El Turco' show

As you know, Can Yaman is about to start filming El Turco, a series based on a historical book, which will be shot in Italy at the end of the summer. Hande Erçel from 'Love is in the air' would be co-starring with Can Yaman, but there seems to be an obstacle that could prevent us from seeing Can Yaman and Hande together on screen.

A few weeks ago it was leaked that Can Yaman's salary for each episode of El Turco would be 1.5 million Turkish Liras, about 85,000 euros per episode. So it is not surprising that Hande Erçel has asked for the same amount of money per episode as she would be the co-star of the series.

It seems that the producers of the series found this figure too high for Hande Erçel, which was taken as an insult by the actress.

Hande Erçel said: "I don't accept unequal pay for male and female actors. We should both be paid the same salary.

After this offended statement, Hande Erçel decided to take a few days off to rethink her future.

It is said that the producers of the series, faced with this request from the 'Love is in the air' actress, are considering looking for another actress with less financial demands. For many years now, the pay gap between Turkish actors and actresses has been considerable, a fact that is starting a revolution that seems to be led by Hande Erçel. Some might see this as Hande Erçel attacking Can Yaman, but the truth is that her intentions are far from this. What Hande Erçel wants is equal pay and Can Yaman has no part in this.

For his part, Can Yaman is one of the highest-paid actors in Turkey and Italy, with a personal fortune of 10 million dollars. In the last commercial shot for Mercedes-Benz, he is said to have received one million euros, which puts him in the top of the highest-paid actors in Europe.

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