Kadir Doğulu's response to Kerem Bürsin's statements!

Kadir Doğulu's response to Kerem Bürsin's statements!

Kadir Doğulu, who was seen the other day, answered the questions of reporters.

Kerem Bürsin participated in a conversation "If you compare the sets in America with the sets in Turkey, what is the biggest difference?" to the question "We are more hardworking, we are disciplined. If we talk about the actors, I can't say much, I don't have a tongue, but if I say that they don't think they are anything, would you understand? I mean, they don't shout 'I created the world, this is my set, brother'" and he was asked for his opinion.

Kadir Doğulu said, "I try to look at it not as a Turkish actor but as a Turkish person. Turkish people are common sense citizens who know civilization, who know the status quo. Europe is actually trying to spread a lot of things it has learned from our geography to the world. What Kerem is doing is trying to see the best side of both sides. In fact, as he says, he is forcing a situation that we should try to realize. There is no ego here. There is zero egos in the geography of Turkey, common sense, civilization and conscience are at the highest level in our lands. But the way we fail to show this is that we are too influenced by America and Europe."

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