Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel: the detail that could confirm the reconciliation announced by Turkish press

Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel: the detail that could confirm the reconciliation announced by Turkish press

The fans' dream of Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin getting back to their love story might come true. After their fans were upset by the couple's unexpected breakup and had to come to terms with the idea that the two were rebuilding their lives, now their story might have taken a 180-degree turn. According to Turkish media, Hande and Kerem have reportedly started a rapprochement and a possible reconciliation of the couple is reported.

The rumors have been triggered in the last hours after the press has published that the protagonists of 'Love os in the air' have had a meeting during a public event in Istanbul. Their attitude would have caught everyone's attention since, after months of coldness and estrangement between them, Turkey's favorite couple did not hesitate to be friendly and close in front of everyone.

Apparently, those who attended the event were able to see the couple showing their complicity while having a lively chat. Could they have left behind the differences that led them to put an end to their love story five months ago?

Hande's message on Instagram

Although there is no official confirmation and neither of the two has spoken about it so far, the truth is that in the last few hours the actress has published on her Instagram profile ( where she still does not follow Kerem Bürsin) a storie accompanied with her dogs that has attracted attention because of the message and the emoticon she uses. 

In the image, which shows her three pets, Night, Fog, and Blue, the actress has written "we love each other very much" next to an emoticon of a ghost with a mocking gesture, an emoticon that the actress has used on several occasions in messages addressed directly to Kerem Bürsin.

We do not know if the use of this ghost in her publication is the result of chance or a wink to the actor but the truth is that reviewing old publications of the actress we have confirmed that she used it on several occasions to send messages to her then partner. 

One of them during her trip to the United States in November 2021. At that time, the actress sent a message to her boyfriend from the Lego store and used this funny emoticon. "Where am I?" she wrote to the actor, a fan of this famous construction set.

The last occasion in which the Hande used it was after Kerem spent a fun afternoon with Mavi. The actress' niece turned her aunt's boyfriend into her best playmate. The little girl did with her 'uncle' whatever she wanted and the encounter between the two ended with a manicure session that the actor wanted to share with his followers along with a funny message asking for help from the little girl's parents.

" When will Gamze and Caner be back?" the actor wrote next to the storie that was also shared by Hande, who added a terse message accompanied by the now-famous mocking ghost emoticon. "Who wanted to paint my face?" she then responded to her boyfriend after his publication.

Would the actress have wanted to confirm that there is a rapprochement with her ex through this funny emoticon or does it have no importance? Does it have some meaning that only they know? If it was a coincidence or not that Hande used this ghost in her stories just at the moment when the rumors begin to circulate, time will tell. For now, fans can continue to get their hopes up about a possible rapprochement and reconciliation that according to the Turkish press is closer than ever.

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