Kerem Bursin and Hande Ercel: there could be a comeback between the two actors

Kerem Bursin and Hande Ercel: there could be a comeback between the two actors

Good news comes from Turkey for the most romantic fans of the couple formed by Kerem Bursin and Hande Ercel. The beloved stars of the soap Love is in the air, whose on-set romance ended some time ago, are reportedly ready to give their relationship a second chance. In fact, local magazines have focused their attention on the last meeting of the two actors: Kerem and Hande met in the same place for a work event, and the complicit glances between the two would not be missed.

Hande and Kerem after the end of their relationship

The romance between Kerem and Hande had made fans in Turkey, Italy and Spain dream: suddenly last January, however, the relationship came to an end. According to Gossip experts, the end of the road came due to repeated cheating by Serkan Bolat's interpreter on his girlfriend, although no confirmation on this has ever been made. After the breakup, both Ercel and Bursin went on other dates.

Turkish tabloids highlighted the relationship between Love is in the Air's Eda with Kaan Yıldırım, a Turkish actor with whom Hande was photographed on more than one occasion last spring.

For his part, Kerem had not been too fearful on his own either: actress and singer Stephanie Cayo had won the actor's heart, according to the tabloid newspapers. In fact, Bursin several times had flown to Spain, where Stephanie resides even though her origins are Peruvian, to meet her.

Meeting between the two actors of Love is in the air.

Evidently, however, these new acquaintances would not be enough to finally put out the flame of love. As Turkish newspapers reported, during the event they both attended, the complicity was palpable. And as if that were not enough, another clue from social media did not go unnoticed by followers.

Hande posted Instagram Stories adding the ghost emoticon, which during her relationship with Kerem Bursin she associated precisely with her boyfriend. Is the flashback underway? Too early to tell but not impossible for it to happen also because the actor had spent during his interview with Verissimo some wonderful words to talk about Ercel. So, maybe the meeting served to rekindle the spark that was only drowsy but not extinguished. Who knows what the actors' new acquaintances will make of it, assuming they are still in each other's lives. Only time will tell, in the meantime fans of the couple continue to dream of seeing them together again.

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