Kerem Bürsin's plan to celebrate his 35th birthday: an intimate event with his loyal companion

Kerem Bürsin's plan to celebrate his 35th birthday: an intimate event with his loyal companion

The Turkish 'Love is in the air' star has a new number! In just a few days our beloved Kerem Bürsin will be 35 years old and he will be celebrating one of the best moments of his professional career. As one of the most acclaimed actors of the moment in Turkey, Bürsin has managed to carve an important niche for himself in the film industry, becoming one of the most acclaimed faces of the small screen. The man who stole our hearts with his starring role as Serkan Bolat in Divinity's acclaimed hit will be releasing a new number in just four days and has told us during an interview what the celebration will be like. Will he be doing anything special?

Bürsin's plan for his birthday: at home and with his faithful companion

We have no doubt that Bürsin needs a bit of peace and quiet after the numerous professional commitments the actor has accumulated. His frequent media appearances, advertising campaigns and multiple trips add up to countless moments when the Turkish heartthrob is away from home. This time and against all odds, Bürsin has confessed the calmness with which he is facing such an important day in the calendar.

"I won't do anything special. I will be at home with my dog like a normal day," he said during an interview with a Turkish media outlet. Far from big and extravagant celebrations, the actor wants to welcome his 35th birthday in absolute discretion. Unlike what we are used to from celebrities in networks, Kerem Bürsin believes that he will opt for a routine celebration, in the peace of his home and with his faithful companion: his dog. We will be watching to see if Bürsin delivers what he promised!

Numerous professional engagements ahead

Kerem Bürsin has devoted himself body and soul to his professional career. The actor has accumulated a heavy workload over the past few months that will soon see the light of day and in which he has been fully involved. Just a brief glance at his Instagram profile allows us to see the multiple campaigns in which the actor has participated and the little social life he boasts, or does not want us to know about. What is clear is that Bürsin is in an excellent professional moment that he does not want to waste.

However, fame is something that has not gone to Kerem's head. Far from rubbing elbows with his unquestionable success, the actor always tries to keep his feet on the ground when asked about his popularity. "Being famous, successful, having money or whatever doesn't make you different. In the end you are a human being regardless and you go to the set to work like everyone else," he relates in the aforementioned interview. Despite his enormous appeal and finesse for the small screen, very soon Bürsin will return to the big screen as the star of a new film in his country.

Will we see him soon as the protagonist of a Spain-branded audiovisual project? The truth is that we are looking forward to it and it could happen sooner than we expect. In recent months the actor has traveled several times to Spain and has had several meetings with Antonio Banderas, whom he met during the celebration of the Malaga Film Festival. In addition, last October, during his visit to the Canary Islands, he revealed to us that his production company has the rights to a book whose story is set in Spain.

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