This is how Can Yaman was insulted in Turkey in revenge

This is how Can Yaman was insulted in Turkey in revenge

This was Can Yaman's reaction to the revenge of the Turkish press at the presentation of Disney+ in Turkey.

As you know, Can Yaman outgrew his home country Turkey, and decided to settle in Italy to achieve greater international projection, something that seems that the Turkish press has not sat well at all.

So counted you may think that these are exaggerations and that it is not so bad, but what happened at the presentation of Disney + in Turkey leaves no room for doubt. They are very, very angry with the star of Erkenci Kus' in their country.

Can Yaman has been insulted in Turkey

This past week Can returned to his country for the presentation of the new season of Turkish series on Disney +. Everything was going smoothly at the presentation. It was attended by many famous actors such as Melis Sezen, Fulya Öztürk, Çağla Şikel or the gorgeous Demet Özdemir. All of them walked the red carpet of the event to a photocall where they posed, smiled and even talked relaxedly with the journalists. Everything was going well until...

Can Yaman appeared at the photocall.

Our beloved actor could not understand what was happening. All the press decided not to take pictures of the actor who, polite and a bit stunned by the situation, didn't understand anything.

"If you went to Italy to succeed, we don't need you in Turkey."

When the journalists saw Can Yaman appear, they lowered their cameras in protest because according to them, "Can Yaman doesn't need the Turkish press anymore." This was their way of protesting Can Yaman's success outside Turkey.

Meanwhile, Can Yaman polite as always waved, kept silent without understanding anything, and tried to get through the ordeal in the best possible way.

The members of the press, who were upset by the actions of Can Yaman, who has been living abroad for a long time, made a collective decision and united to give Can Yaman the cold shoulder and not shoot a single photo. Watch the video and tell us if you don't get a lump in your throat with this collective insult to Can Yaman.

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  1. I was love Can Yaman, but after verbally harassing a woman, I can't do that and I will never forget it. You don't have the right to harass just because you are famous. No one has that right. This is unacceptable.


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