Will it be Kerem Bursin, The Turkish role of La casa de papel?

Will it be Kerem Bursin, The Turkish role of La casa de papel?

Kerem Bursin probably could be Istanbul and he wanted to give us clues about the projects he is going to carry out in Spain. The truth is as mysterious as juicy. Find out all about it.

If you are one of those who follow Kerem Bursin on social networks, you may have seen him with Alvaro Morte, the professor of 'La casa de papel' in several photos and moments of complicity during his last visit to Spain.

This is the third time that Kerem Bursin visited Spain. In each of them, he has been welcomed with open arms as fans love his character in 'Love is in the air', but this time it was different. Kerem came to promote a sales event of NFT's of Alvaro Morte and the company Olyverse and decided to stay a couple of days more to meet new friends and strengthen ties, who knows if to start a new project in Spain as we already told you.

The meeting that caught our attention was the one between Kerem Bursin and Álvaro Morte, the mythical Professor of 'La casa de papel'. In the photos, we can see Kerem talking very concentrated with Álvaro. And it is precisely thanks to this post that a good one is being made:

Marta SÇK's post and with the comment, "You're going to call yourself Istanbul" lets the imagination run wild with a hypothetical conversation in which 'The Professor' assigns a role to Kerem that could well be true. You know that in the series, each character is known by the name of a city and Istanbul is one of the few that is still free. Does this mean something?

There is no doubt that the post is made in the key of humor although Kerem commented that in his conversations with Álvaro Morte, they are thinking of setting up something together in Spain. We don't know more about it, but this information is the stuff dreams are made of, isn't it?

If we add the continuous information reported about a possible project of Kerem in Spain or that he is thinking very seriously about learning the Spanish language before starting any project, everything fits.

And it is not the first time that Kerem has been invited to Spain. We already told you that in the last Malaga Festival, Kerem was in the house of Antonio Banderas, which unleashed many comments about his possible arrival in Spain as Can Yaman did in Italy.

Of course, here we would be delighted to welcome him with open arms, like in Istanbul, or Madrid. Whatever he wants.

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