Can Yaman being cornered, his Turkish colleague challenges him with this social snap! (PHOTO)

Can Yaman being cornered, his Turkish colleague challenges him with this social snap! (PHOTO)

Turkey's best-loved star has a fearsome and equally sensual rival, who spends long hours in the gym - just like him in recent weeks - achieving knockout fitness. Is Can Yaman competing with Kerem Bursin, the star of Love is in the Air? Certainly, the comparison is to die for.

Can Yaman and Kerem Bursin: two sex symbols... In the gym!

Can Yaman is putting himself to the test with ever-increasing workouts, toning up his already considerable muscle mass and gaining agility, in view of the stunt scenes that await him on the set of Sandokan and El Turco. In the coming months, Yaman will be busy in two roles that will see him put himself to the test both from an acting point of view, especially in the remake of Sandokan that has Kabir Bedi as its illustrious predecessor.

Meanwhile, in Turkey, another much-loved star has decided to show off his muscles on Instagram, although he is known for his great discretion. We are talking about Kerem Bursin, the star of the soap Love is in the Air together with Hande Ercel. The two actors had a beautiful romance, rumored to have ended several months ago but about to result in a sensational comeback, to the delight of all Serkan and Eda's fans.

In the last few hours, Kerem decided to share a photo with his many fans showing off his incredible muscle mass, and the comparison was immediate. Who is fitter, Can Yaman or Kerem Bursin? There is no competition between the two actors, as they are engaged on opposite work fronts and have different projects for the coming years. So, instead of the comparison, it would be better to enjoy both.

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