If until a few days ago Can Yaman seemed to have literally locked himself away in the gym, now the actor seems to have finally found some free time, or at least slowed down a bit. Before, the Italians' favourite Turk used to spend a good part of his days working out, as his social media posts show, now Can Yaman seems to be into something else entirely! Indeed, the way his updates on Instagram have changed radically, there are even those who are thinking of a career change for the actor... Let's see together what's going on.

Can Yaman abandons set and gym for the kitchen!

In the last period, Can Yaman seemed to have focused much of his daily routine on training. It is certainly not news how much the actor cares about his physical fitness, but lately he seems to have given this aspect a higher priority. The reason, according to fans, is that their favourite is now focusing more than ever on preparing for the role of Sandokan, even though - apart from a few small clues - it is not yet known whether his next work commitment will be for the ambitious Lux Vide project or the Disney Plus series, El Turco.

In the meantime, Can Yaman seems to have given enough to the gym for the time being and, through his Instagram profile, the actor is showing his fans how he has decided to spend part of his free time: in the most Italian way possible!

Yes, the actor has temporarily put aside obstacle courses and barbells in favour of cooking! Can Yaman seems to be having the time of his life in his new home in a top-secret location, where he spends his days in total relaxation growing basil, grilling and preparing pasta dishes that would make all Italian grandmothers proud!

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