Can Yaman comes close to a record, this is what happens to the Turkish star

Can Yaman comes close to a record, this is what happens to the Turkish star

It is a golden moment for Can Yaman. The Turkish actor is busy on several projects, waiting to enjoy the fruits of his hard work on the set of Viola come il Mare, and has returned to full training in the gym, showing himself to be indefatigable. In the last few hours, Can's fans have also reported another untold news concerning his Instagram profile.

Can Yaman reaches a milestone on Instagram
Can Yaman's success exploded with the airing of Daydreamer on Canale 5, but also thanks to the hard work of the Turkish actor who moved to Italy, studied extensively to perfect himself, created a character with a chic and intriguing look, and also showed his weaknesses, making human what might otherwise have been a sex symbol vote. Can proved his courage by acting completely in Italian on the set of Viola come il Mare and, while waiting to find out if his effort will be repaid by the ratings, he continued to try his hand at new work adventures, accepting the role of El Turco, the new Disney Plus TV series that will see him as the spokesperson for an international cast.

Can flex his muscles in the gym, where he devotes himself to maintaining his already enviable physical fitness, and where he tests new techniques that he will need during stage fights as the Tiger of Mompracem. Over the last few days, Yaman has also been enjoying some relaxation in his new home, a secluded villa whose location is kept totally secret so that the actor will not be disturbed by intrusive fans.

And it is precisely the fans after trending Can together with Ozge Gurel, who have pointed out that the actor is getting close to breaking a personal record on Instagram, touching 10 million followers for the first time. A beautiful achievement, which testifies to how popular Can is.


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