Can Yaman, since living in Rome, has unfailingly amazed his many fans, Italian and otherwise. In what way? He has shown himself to be a 'handsome dancer' and to cultivate many passions, as is often evident from his IG Stories. However, when one engages in many activities, it can happen that the unexpected is just around the corner and that a moment of distraction can prove 'fatal'.

In recent months, we have seen the beautiful Turk, for example, in his new entrepreneurial guise. One thinks of the association Can Yaman for Children, which he founded, or the perfume he designed, Mania. The 32-year-old actor also revealed that he is a great fan of good food, and not just as a diner. In fact, Can spends a lot of time at the cooker. Just in the last few days, among his stories, a succulent and sizzling meat grill, some tasty salmon and mussels a go-go appeared. Moreover, since he has been living in his new cottage, the location of which is still a mystery, he also enjoys a small herb garden.

Can Yaman, hiccups with training? Osteopath speaks

But let's not forget the hobby Can Yaman devotes himself to every day with all his might: the gym! Certainly, the passion for fitness is also associated with 'script demands'. Among the actor's upcoming projects are the series 'Sandokan e Marianna' and 'El Turco'. In both, the role of Can requires performance and agility; it is certainly necessary to arrive on set in enviable physical shape.

The sex symbol often shares moments of his intense training sessions with his personal trainer on social media. However, in the last few hours, in between grilling fish and boxing, a peculiar piece of content has appeared in his IG Stories. It is a video recorded by the actor's friend and osteopath, Massimiliano Mariani. The professional recorded a clip intended specifically for Can Yaman, explaining why.

Today I am showing exercises for a friend who trains a lot, who has a very strong physique, a very developed musculature. This leads to a stiffness of the trunk, thus of the ribcage and back area, causing the work to be developed only on the lower back, putting it at risk during the training phases.

A short series of specific exercises to prevent back pain follows. Imagining the statuesque Can Yaman struggling with lower back pain certainly makes one smile and, in a way, breathe a sigh of relief. It reminds us that he is also human and that, in turn, he is not immune to sporting aches and pains. Who knows, in the near future, we might see him on Instagram doing pilates!

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