İlhan Şen rebelled against the comments!

İlhan Şen rebelled against the comments!

İlhan Şen went to Özcan Deniz's concert hand in hand with his lover Pınar Gülkapan and after this news, there were those who accused İlhan Şen, who did not fall off the agenda with his alleged relationship with Burcu Özberk, of insincerity on social media.

The actor responded to these reactions in his post on his Twitter account.

İlhan Şen; "You know I can't follow these places much, but I think it's time to say something. For the first and last time. Friends, we did a great job with each and every moment. We have a great partnership, a great friendship left. Believe me, we still keep in touch. You may be used to set fights, people who don't even look at each other while acting. In your own life, of course, there is a reason for this senseless hatred. We actors cannot cope with your imagination. Since I, for my part, am unable to use social media, you may also be producing a lot of material in your imaginary world. It goes so far that if you see what is written to family and friends... But that's okay. When one of you comes to the set, I'll still ask for your names one by one and hug you all. That's fine too.

Any ugly post made to a woman, to my partner, with whom I have accumulated so many memories for a year, based on her supposed love for me, is unacceptable. I don't need this kind of love. Don't love me if you are going to love me in such a sick way. . These words are only for those who want to create chaos and get interaction. Most of them are strange accounts that are not real anyway. Those who spend time for us, those who speak their minds, those who bring beauty, I am glad they exist. Thank you."

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  1. He really got a lot of anger. Does he have a short fuse? Why did Serkay Tütüncü appear on the set of Love, Logic, Vengeance?


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