Kerem Bursin talks about projects in Spain and Turkish soaps

Kerem Bursin talks about projects in Spain and Turkish soaps

In a previous interview, Kerem Bursin anticipated us that he might be involved in a Spanish project. It all started when he attended the Malaga Festival (welcomed like a star!). During his stay, Kerem Bursin had an initial meeting with Antonio Banderas. The two actors made their meeting public on social media, affirming the birth of a beautiful friendship.

During the day yesterday, Kerem Bursin was invited to take part in yet another event in Spain. The Turkish actor attended the Olyverse project presentation event (to learn more about the Olyverse project).

Kerem Bursin was the guest of a gradissimo actor known all over the world. I am referring to Alvaro Morte, the unforgettable "The Professor" from La casa di carta ( La casa de papel). The Spanish actor is one of the promoters of the Olyverse project.

Naturally, the presence of the protagonist of Love is in the air made the hashtag dedicated to the event #TheBürsinOlyverse fly up (we are talking about 240 thousand tweets!).

The protagonist of Love is in the air and future projects in Spain.

Kerem Bursin was warmly welcomed by the Spanish audience and media. His presence at the event was an opportunity to give an interview.

The Turkish actor made no secret of the fact that he has great possibilities of being able to participate in a film project in Spain. In fact, Kerem Bursin expressed his need to have to learn Spanish in order to be able to work in the Iberian Peninsula.

The star of Love is in the Air has stated that there will be surprises in the near future. And we can believe it, since Kerem has always kept his word.

Kerem Bursin: Turkish soaps have been successful in Spain and Italy.

Our beloved Kerem Bursin had a chance to talk about Turkish soaps. The actor said that Turkish TV series have been very successful in different countries around the world. The star of Love is in the air expressed great satisfaction with Turkish TV productions, saying that they could bring about a "cultural revolution" in television.

In fact, Kerem Bursin explained this possible TV cultural revolution, taking Spain and Italy as examples. In fact, the actor greatly appreciated how Turkish soaps are watched, loved and discussed with interest in Italy and Spain.

That is all for today! I hope you enjoyed the article! I wish all the best to the unforgettable Kerem Bursin.

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