Kerem Bursin wins the poll as "favorite Turkish actor"! Why is the actor loved?

Kerem Bursin wins the poll as "favorite Turkish actor"! Why is the actor loved?

In the poll, Kerem Bursin faced off against Can Yaman, Kıvanc Tatlıtug and Serkan Cayoglu. So, with colleagues from Turkish soap operas aired in the on Canale 5.

After a long head-to-head with Can Yaman, the Love is in the Air star managed to prevail with 49.78 percent of the vote. Here are the results.

First of all, I would like to say the rule adopted in the poll (it also applies to future polls): you can only express one preference, and you can only vote once! The rule is strict, so as NOT to inflate the preferences of an actor, actress or soap opera.

As you have seen, Kerem Bursin won the poll, beating all his rivals. In fact, at first, there was a big head-to-head between Kerem Bursin and Can Yaman, with the latter even being ahead of his colleague. As the days passed, the protagonist of Love is in the air managed to take the lead and thus win!

Kerem Bursin: How come Kerem Bursin is so loved in the world?

It is no mystery that Kerem Bursin's fandom is very large and made up of fans from so many different nationalities. It should be mentioned, that the poll was 90% voted by Italian users. So, the Turkish actor has managed to carve out great affection from the Italian female audience. However, one question must be asked: how is it that Kerem Bursin manages to win everyone over?

It does not wait for me, to answer this question. Surely, the opinion of the majority of fans is more authoritative and meaningful.

I can only make an observation. In my opinion, Kerem Bursin is loved by the public for the totality of his personal qualities. And thus, not only for physical beauty or prowess as an actor in the various soaps he has starred in.

From what I have seen, Kerem Bursin has also distinguished himself by charisma, sympathy and a strong sensitivity, toward very important issues concerning the human person. In fact, the Turkish actor fights in the forefront for the defense of women's rights and violence against them.

As a reminder, Kerem Bursin is the official ambassador of HeForShe. Also, just in the past week, he expressed his own opinion on Twitter. The Turkish actor expressed his opposition to all hate comments towards women, including Hande Ercel.

So, we are facing a character with an all-around personality and very open in front of his female admirers!

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