Praise for Kerem Bürsin from his college friend!

Praise for Kerem Bürsin from his college friend!

'Margot Wood', a friend of Kerem Bürsin, who recently starred in the series 'Sen Çal Kapımı', during his university years in America, shared posts about the famous actor on her Twitter account. Her sharing attracted the attention of the famous actor's fans.

Margot Wood; Oh gosh, looks like Kerem Bürsin fans have found me. Yes, I'm the Margot he mentioned during the live that one time. We are friends from college! He's a really great guy.

His friend also stated that Kerem Bürsin helped her in an incident at the university; 'This is how I know that Kerem is a good guy: Once in college, a guy was angry at me (I don't remember why) and he cornered me and threatened me physically. Kerem saw this, jumped between us, and immediately pulled the guy off me. He saved me from a bad situation.'

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